Tehilim (Psalms) in the Post-PC era

May 09, 2014
2 minute read

From time to time, I receive meaningful feedback emails from users of my Jewish-oriented apps. Across this 3 years of presence at the AppStore, I gave received interesting emails, with some cool stories. But some days ago, I received the best one of them to date, if we can say so - because each history has a person and his life and experiences.

The emails was regarding one of my relatively recent apps: TehiliMP3. Tehilim is the hebrew name for the book of Psalms. There are plenty of apps in the AppStore for it, but what makes my version unique is that it has, besides the texts in Hebrew: (1) translation and transliteration to (2) Portuguese and English; (3) “mini” apps that help in the day-to-day use for reading them, and finally, (4) the option to buy, as in-app purchases, the narration of all the 150 chapters of the Psalms. The intention is that people can listen to it in the car, while walking, or to serve as a helper to study Hebrew. That is why the name of the app is TehiliMP3 and why the icon is an harp with headphones. All the Tehilim, with the MP3 files to listen to it.

The cute harp with headphones
The cute harp with headphones

What I never imagined, however, is that I would receive something like this:

Love from a user
Love from a user

When I read it, I was blown away. Everyday I realize more the power of software and technology in the Post-PC era. An application to help people finding products in the supermarket, ok, that is great, but predictable. Another app to help people listening to classes in their commute from home to work is amazing, but this use is planned and expected. And this is already satisfying. However, knowing that one of your products helped someone to have one of the most basic human needs - sleep - as everyone deserves, without need for medication and nightmares, is extremely rewarding.

In the tech scene, the biggest failure of a lot of companies or people is to think in mobile with the PC vision. They think that a smartphone is a PC in your pocket - and this is a huge mistake. This people don’t get that mobile is not only about Tech Specs, or how much RAM memory a device has. Mobile is about features, is about what it enables you to do, and how a simple device can improve your routine so much. And this people will never get what is mobile.

To wrap up, take the example of this user. To receive an email like this can change one’s day and give a boost of motivation and satisfaction. If you use any software/service, especially for free, let the developer/provider know how much it helps you. Show him how much you appreciate his hard work.

My special and huge Thank You to all the sponsors of TehiliMP3 and to Shimon Zlot, who provided the MP3 files.